Swim School Reopening July 6th 

Hello Everyone!


We are getting ready to safely reopen on Monday, July 6th. We hope you are all doing well and have missed having the swim school open! We are implementing a few changes to keep the swim school operating safely and smoothly. 


  • We have switched to a smaller class size of one teacher and two students

  • We have switched our entrance to the back door of the pool room and the exit will be through the sliding doors on the deck. We ask that if possible students come already in their swimsuits so we can reserve the changing room for students after classes.


  • We ask that everyone wears a mask while in the pool house.


  • Our teachers will be wearing face shields while teaching, face masks are not required for students while swimming as it would be difficult for students to breathe in them in the water. However, we will be distancing students in the water. 


  • Our swim floaties for beginner classes will be organized by the number of back floats and are now hanging up for quicker access if needed by a student. 


  • After classes, we ask that students exit quickly to allow for the next class to enter the pool/ use the changing room.


  • Please maintain a 6 ft distance between other families and keep children with you at all times. The pool room chairs will already be spaced out. 


  • We will be spacing students 6ft apart


  • Please bring your own googles/caps as we will no longer have shared ones at the swim school. 


  • The entrance and exit doors will remain open for less surface contact. 



With the newer class sizes, we will need to change/confirm all current student's class times. 


We hope that by implementing these new protocols we can remain safely open for all of our swimmers! Please let us know if you have any questions/comments by emailing Brandi at info@swimschool.com


We look forward to seeing you all back at the swim school and for our students to continue to become better swimmers!


Thank you,

Suzie’s Swim School 

Since 1994, Suzie's Swim School in Newcastle, Washington has specialized in teaching swimming lessons to children ages 3 - 11(we require that students are potty trained). We build great swimmers through self-confidence and hard work. 

Swim lessons are semi-private to give personal attention to all swimmers. Each class has two swim instructors and four students. We keep our indoor pool to a warm 90 degrees and teach year-round.

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